Corporate social responsibility is in our DNA

Corporate social responsibility is in our DNA. As a hotel, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable world. After all, we all need to take care of our planet. Through various initiatives, we make responsible choices to put the well-being of people and the planet first. This will allow us to welcome our guests with open arms now, and in the future.


Documents available for inspection: Sustainable procurement document & CSR policy statement

YMCA Netherlands – youth work and summer camps

The YMCA has traditionally been the sole shareholder of Ernst Sillem Hoeve. Part of Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve’s profits go to the YMCA Foundation. The money is spent on youth work, holidays for children with multiple disabilities or behavioural problems and holidays for refugee children. These holidays are accompanied by about 300 young volunteers, who are equipped by the YMCA to make these holidays possible.

 YMCA is a public benefit organisation (ANBI) and holds the Approved Charity certificate.

Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve is een MVO locatie met een Gouden Green Key

Golden Green Key

Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve has always been concerned with CSR. In recent years, the focus on CSR, environment and sustainability in business has increased. More and more companies have been awarded a quality mark in the form of a Green Key, for example. We are proud to announce that we are in possession of the Golden Green Key, which means we meet the strictest requirements of the quality mark and are among the top rated companies in the Netherlands. With this Golden Green Key, we want to show our guests that sustainable business plays a central role in our organisation.

Waste separation and less waste

When it comes to cleaning and waste separation, we make sure we work as sustainably as possible. We do this by responding to various opportunities:

  • The cleaning agents and soaps we use are environmentally friendly.
  • We encourage our guests to reuse towels.
  • We have several underground waste containers for paper, glass, plastic and residual waste. This makes collection and storage more efficient, as waste is collected less frequently. From the organic kitchen waste, they make bio-diesel.
  • Our buffets are plastic-free.
  • We have a less waste food concept.
Live cooking lunch buffet Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve
Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve heeft de Gouden Green Key o.a. door waterbesparende maatregelen

Energy and water

When it comes to water and energy, we also work as sustainably as possible:

  • 100% use of renewable electricity.
  • The lighting in the hotel rooms and corridors are equipped with energy-saving lamps and LED lighting. Outside is energy-efficient lighting with the Greenlight quality mark.
  • Water supply for bottling spring water. We reuse the water bottles and this reduces the transport flow to and from our accommodation.
  • Anti-draught measures through door closers and automatically opening and closing doors.

6MILE water

“We have a partnership with 6MILE water. Through this, we contribute to clean drinking water in Kenya. 6 MILE represents the average distance people in Africa travel to access clean drinking water. By providing water from 6MILE, we aim to contribute to making clean drinking water more accessible.”

Comfort Plus room at Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve
Swimming pool with infrared sauna for a relaxing night away at Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve

Youth work programmes

We offer employment opportunities to colleagues with (mild) intellectual disabilities.

We offer the Thomashuis from Maartensdijk our pool every Wednesday to come and swim with a group of children with intellectual disabilities.


Our venue is centrally located in the Netherlands at just 15 kilometres from Utrecht. We have a large car park for our guests’ cars and also offer free pick-up and drop-off of guests to and from the train station in Den Dolder. We also rent out 20 bicycles and 6 electric bikes..

  • Charging points for 6 electric bikes and 10 electric cars.
Meeting room Serre

Sustainable renovation

In all renovations and renewals, we look at sustainable methods and materials to minimise environmental impact. In replacement investments, for example, we pay attention to ensuring that the new equipment is energy-efficient.