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Outdoor activities & short breaks

Outdoor activities as a company/family outing or as a short break during a day of meetings? At Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve, it guarantees a successful day! We offer a wide choice of various sporty and relaxing outdoor activities, all of which are about team building and/or fun. Rather organise an activity indoors? Then opt for the exciting Escape Box or a relaxing yoga workshop. The indoor and outdoor activities are organised by a number of Hotel Ernst Sillem’s partners. The decor? The beautiful surroundings of Lage Vuursche, on the edge of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Mentioned amounts include VAT and are subject to price changes.

Sheep herding as a team activity during a meeting

Sheep herding

Would you like to gain insight into your communication skills in an original way as a group, learn about your leadership/reception style and ways of working together? Then go sheep herding with Border Collies under professional guidance. The workshop consists of three parts: a demonstration, working with sheep and the big final game. Sheep herding is something you just have to experience! After working in the field with the sheep and Border Collie, you will have new insights and new energy.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
€1,378 up to 9 participants
€1,509 from 10 to 14 participants
€1,634 from 15 to 20 participants
€1,935 from 21 to 30 participants
€2,198 from 31 to 40 participants
Possible for groups of 9 to 150 people, prices on request.

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Haka workshop

From €39 p.p.

Get out of your comfort zone with an energetic Haka. Haka is a traditional dance from New Zealand, mostly known through the New Zealand rugby team All Blacks. Together, you will learn step by step how to release powerful energy as a team. The workshop, in good weather in our green park, is energetic, dynamic and informative. The Haka is practised in various forms. We are happy to advise you.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours
1 hour €39 per person with a minimum amount of €390
2 hour €42 per person with a minimum amount of €420

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haka workshop as team activity during a meeting
outdoor teambuilding

Team building and reflection

From €42.50 p.p.

Enough talk of cooperation? Put theory into practice with team building assignments under the guidance of a team trainer. The assignments inside or outside on our green grounds are relaxing, but also have depth through short reflections. With a choice of more than 12 creative, sporty and collaborative assignments. You can tailor this activity seamlessly to the purpose of your gathering, training or meeting. Deployment is also possible spread throughout the day.

Duration: 3 to 6 hours  
Where: inside a spacious hall or outside in the park
Theme: improving cooperation, holding each other to account
From: 6 participants

3 hours: €42.50 per person (minimum amount of €510)
4 hours: €52.50 per person (minimum amount of €630)
6 hours: €920 per team trainer

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Ball factory

From €37 p.p.

In this assignment, the team is asked to design the production process of a ball factory. The ball factory challenges a team: how many balls can the team produce in 2 minutes? This team building exercise seems simple, until you get started. Then optimal cooperation is required to keep the factory running. The optimal group size is between 10 to 16 people per team. Multiple teams – in competition – can take part in the exercise. Three teams of up to 16 participants can compete per court. After all, each production round takes just 2 minutes. An ideal assignment to spark conversation.

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours
Where: inside a spacious room or outside
Theme: improving cooperation, learning to hold each other to account
From: 9 participants

2 hours: €37 per person (minimum amount of €444)
2.5 hours: €39.50 per person (minimum amount of €474)

Ball factory as outdoor activity
Team activities during a meeting

Serious fun

From €37.50 p.p.

You will compete in teams in four rounds. Get away from it all and re-energise as a group. In each round, it’s all about victory. In the first round, we test the team’s qualities, then add a level of difficulty for each task. The competition is tailor-made; you choose your assignments. You can choose from collaborative tasks, team building and competitive games. Serious Fun is possible all year round and can even take place (partially) indoors in bad weather. One of our bestsellers!

Duration: 1.5 hours
Where: outside on the large lawn
Theme: relaxation, competition
From: 12 participants

1.5 hours: €37.50 per person (minimum amount of €450)

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Catapult building

From €39.50 p.p.

Gleaming eyes, back in time for a moment. That’s the beauty of this assignment. You and your colleagues can play with a mega catapult after the meeting or training session. The catapult is built from 3-metre-long bamboo poles and, of course, you build it yourself! Once your build is complete, you will be given a helmet and coconuts and the battle for the best throw will erupt. The toys of your childhood are no match for this!

Duration: 1.5 hours
Where: outside on the large lawn
Theme: creativity, cooperation, competition (in case of several groups)
From: 3 participants, maximum ± 48 participants

€39.50 per person (minimum amount of €450)

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Catapult building as a team activity during meeting
Team building

Challenging team building

From €37.50 p.p.

Besides Team building with reflection, Serious Fun and the Ball Factory, our partner has a number of challenging team building activities to deploy for different purposes. Choose the Spider Web with the theme of respect and trust. For management and executive teams, the Balance Table is the perfect meeting breaker where leadership, guts and group dynamics are addressed. Insight and creativity are needed for Vakwerk, and out-of-the-box thinking for Speedball. If the group has real guts then they will go for the complex Ten-minute rope bridge task.

Duration, rate and number of participants: depends on chosen activity. Some meeting breakers can also take place indoors.

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Touring with the E-Chopper

Explore the surroundings in a sustainable and trendy way! You can with the E-Chopper, an electric scooter with wide tyres, high handlebars and comfortable seat. You can easily ride your whole group into nature on this E-chopper. Guidance is not necessary. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and various sights along the way. For example, on the ‘Vorstelijk Baarn’ tour with stops in Lage Vuursche, the castles and Soestdijk Palace. Or the ‘Soesterduinen’ tour that takes your group via the runway of Soesterberg Air Base, the National Military Museum, through the dunes and forests of Soest. On the E-Chopper, such a tour is a real experience.

Duration: minimum 2 hours
Minimal of 8 people
Additional hours possible. 

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e-chopper team building
A drawing workshop to support the training


From €35.00 p.p.

Graphic Facilitation, also known as business drawing, is not only fun but also useful. With the convenience of pen & paper, it manages to easily support your message. In four steps, the group will learn to ground your story, dilemma, message and facilitate the conversation. Finally, a picture is worth 1,000 words.


Duration: 1 to 2 hours
1 hour €35.00 per person
2 hours €49.00 per person
Minimum 8 people

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Escape box

Want to celebrate small successes and appreciate the diverse talents within your team? With our escape box, you are stuck to the box. With the materials it contains, the group tries to break free from the box. The clock is ticking and in teams of up to 10 participants work together to solve the puzzles. The game leader keeps an eye on the game and will challenge the group with hints. Can you manage to break free from the escape box by working together?

Duration: 1 hour
Start-up costs €181
Cost per box €181
Max 10 participants per box.
The escape box can be used for up to 120 people.

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Escape box as team activity during a meeting
yoga workshop as break during a meeting


From €38 p.p.

A relaxing break or start to your day? Practice yoga to get back to work with a fresh and open mind afterwards. In a beautiful spot in our garden, amidst historic trees, you will bring balance to body and mind through yoga exercises, breathing and meditation. In bad weather, it can also be done indoors. After yoga, you can calmly see things from a different perspective.

Yoga duration: 75 minutes
€38 per person (minimum amount of €380)

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From €14 p.p.

Want a tough workout for the group? Then choose a bootcamp on our premises with an experienced trainer. Challenge yourself with different exercises combined with materials. Start the day healthy or give your meeting an interim boost of energy with this bootcamp.

Duration: 1 hour
€23 per person from 6 to 10 participants
€20 per person from 11 to 15 participants
€18 per person from 16 to 25 participants
€16 per person from 26 to 40 participants
€14 per person from 41 participants

It is also possible to bootcamp for longer. Price on request.

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bootcamp as sportive activity during a meeting
WhatsApp Murder tour

WhatsApp murder tour

From €12 p.p.

Discover the most beautiful spots around our hotel, in our park or on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug with a WhatsApp Murder Tour. In one hour, the group is given clues to solve a committed murder. Search for the hidden locations and send group selfies to the game leader. They will provide new clues in case of correct selfie answers. The WhatsApp Murder Tour is great for changing the atmosphere in a business group, promoting communication and especially for really getting outside to get some fresh air in a playful way.

Duration: 1 hour
€72 per playing group with minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 people per group.

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A break, drinks or barbecue

In our beautiful park, the atmospheric stretch tent is ready for you to add extra value to your gathering. Organise your drinks, barbecue or break in the garden and make use of the dressed-up stretch tent. Your event will have a special atmosphere and be assured of success.

Rental price of stretch tent:
€500 per half day and €995 per full day, including furniture and interior and exterior lighting.
Ask about the options for a drinks party, barbecue or a healthy/sweet break during your outdoor activity.

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stretch tent for outdoor activities
outdoor cooking as team activity during a meeting

Outdoor cooking

From €82.50 p.p.

Outdoor cooking is an exclusive experience. You will stay on your private property in the park outdoors around 2 to 6 fires. Fire is attractively warm, making this activity possible in all 4 seasons. You and your group will cook with Burgundian ingredients on wood fires, Latvian fires and in Dutch Ovens! Who will chop the wood, who will spear the salmon and who will cut the vegetables? Cooking and eating together is a social bonding experience. Never before has cooking been so special! This exclusive activity is possible from 10 to 100 people.

Duration: 3 hours.
€1160 per group of 10 to 12 participants
€100 per person from 13 to 15 participants
€95 per person from 16 to 25 participants
€90 per person from 26 to 35 participants
€87.50 per person from 36 to 45 participants
€82.50 per person from 45 participants

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Dog mirroring

Put different styles of leadership into practice in a dog mirroring workshop. Participants are first explained how a pack works and the different tasks dogs take on in the pack. After this, each participant is paired with one dog, based on recognition and trust or on the challenge between the 2 characters. The pairs perform different tasks. Which duo will complete the unique endgame? Dog mirroring is professionally supervised and can be tailored to align with the purpose of your meeting, such as leadership, personal growth and communication.

Duration: 1.5 hours
€1378 up to 5 participants
€1440 from 6 to 10 participants
€1634 from 11 to 15 participants

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dog mirroring outdoor break
Bird watching as a break during a meeting

Bird watching

Birdwatcher Adriaan has over 30 years of experience as a birdwatcher and will take you for a walk through the park surrounding the hotel. Bird watching with Adriaan is not just looking at birds. Along the way, Adriaan draws parallels between humans and nature and the lessons we can learn from birds. Among other things, about mindset, courage and confidence in one’s own abilities. Adriaan’s infectious enthusiasm, knowledge and birdwatching experience make it a unique experience. A special activity as a start of the day, lunch break, a valuable interlude or as a conclusion.

Duration: max. 2 hours
€689 up to 12 participants
€1245 from 13 to 24 participants
€1802 from 25 to 36 participants
One guide will be assigned per 12 people.

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Laser skeet shooting

Looking for an exciting activity? Take on this challenge with your colleagues. Which of you knows how to shoot the most clay pigeons out of the sky? The programme starts with an explanation of the system and weapons, proper shooting stance and technique. After that, the real work begins! In groups of 5 or 10 people at a time, you take your place at the shooting spot. The scoreboard impartially keeps score. Who can hit it first or most often? It is a safe and environmentally friendly activity, the only thing we leave behind is a big smile on the faces of the participants!

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours
Price 1 hour: €571 from 5 to 20 people with 1 set.
Price 1 hour: €988 from 20 to 50 people with 2 set.
Extra half hour €70
More participants? We will be happy to make a suitable proposal

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On the outdoor grounds of Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve, laser clay pigeon shooting is a challenging outdoor activity
Challenging team building during a meeting


From €38 p.p.

Want to playfully break the ice in a group, but with a team building element? In the game Ultimatum, part of the group goes outdoors in search of a secret code to prevent the outbreak of a major computer virus. Will you manage to communicate well with the team members in the crisis centre within an hour and complete the task? At Ultimatum, participants are guided by our instructor and there is time for reflection. This game can be used as team building and tests a team’s communication, flexibility and cooperation.

Duration: 1 hour
€38 per person from 15 participants

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