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A location with history


Royal stable becomes country house

In 1694, Justus van Ewijck bought the estate for 100 rexdaelders. Later in 1871, Prince William Frederick Henry of Orange-Nassau built a house for his overseer on this estate, called ‘Prins Hendrik Oord’. On its opposite side, stables and a beautiful coach house were erected. Some 50 years later, on 3 May 1926, this coach house was bought by the Nederlandsch Jongelings Verbond (CJV/YMCA Netherlands) as a country house. The house was named Ernst Sillem Hoeve at its opening. Named after the banker Ernst Sillem, who meant a lot to the YMCA as treasurer.


The country house on Soestdijkerweg was mainly used as a country house and conference venue for the members of the CJV/YMCA. Camps were also organised where participants worked on their personal development. They also got a chance to learn about gardening, carpentry and other crafts.


Ever since, the premises and operations have undergone massive expansions and changes. This was partly due to input from guests who were frequent users of the conference venue. Like Nederlandse Spoorwegen, which took on much of the architecture at the time to give the building a more functional layout.

Professional conference hotel

In the last few years, a lot of work has been done on the level of the interior and on upgrading the restaurant with new food concept. Whereas in the 1970s and 1980s, austere furnishings were chosen, now the preference is for atmospheric spaces with maximum possibilities. The Ernst Sillem Hoeve has grown into a professional and stylish conference hotel where a personal approach and service orientation are a matter of course.

Property of YMCA Netherlands

The property is still owned by the YMCA and operated as a hotel by Ernst Sillem Hoeve bv. YMCA Netherlands is a public benefit organisation (ANBI) with the Approved Charity certificate. The YMCA is engaged in carrying out social activities in the field of youth work and holiday camps for children with a need for assistance. By hosting your meeting at our hotel, you support this important work, as a large part of Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve’s return is used to fund these activities.